Baby Jogger 2010 City Single Stroller

You do not see many strollers that can be customized. And baby jogger 2010 city single stroller is the one that can be modified. Well, it is not exactly a single stroller since it has the facility to add the optional infant mount seat or second seat as your family grows. We will get onto this in the later sections.

Baby jogger 2010 city single stroller has superb braking system and it offers 16 different configurations.

Baby Jogger 2010 City Single Stroller

Take a look at some of the features of this utility

Features of Baby 2010 Jogger City Single Stroller

  • Most of the strollers of baby jogger are provided with the patented quick fold technology. And even baby jogger 2010 city single stroller is provided with this technology. Just a simple pull and off you go.
  • Modification is something that not every stroller offers these days. But you can add a hell lot of stuff with this stroller.
  • This is completely convertible to a double stroller. If you have another baby you can add another seat, if the baby is an infant you can add infant seat or an optional bassinet. It provides you 16 unique seating combinations.
  • Parking brakes can be operated with hands. And the five point harness system is always there for extra security.
  • The front wheels can be rotated 360 degrees. Now the ride of the stroller should not be any problem.
  • The canopy is sizable and adjustable from all the angles. Two peek-a-boo windows are also present.
  • Handle is great and the grip on it is very soft plus the foot rest can be tilted and it ca be raised a few inches upwards for the smaller children.

The most significant features have been discussed now it is the time for a quick view at the reviews section.

Reviews on Baby Jogger 2010 City Single Stroller

The stroller is not as heavy as it was predicted to be and it can handle the weight up to 45 pounds. Its folding is very easy and after folding it becomes almost . You do not have to worry about going through the narrows zones or areas.

Beneath the seat a huge basket is attached and it can be accessed from every direction. The handle brake is very easy and convenient. Now you have the safety of the baby jogger 2010 city single stroller in your own hands. The baby seat is at a nice height and during strolling you can easily have check on your baby.

Let us see some of the cons of the stroller

This is an expensive stroller compared to others. The shocks donot function well at times and you may get hard rough bumps during the strolling. The clips on the straps are good to move the strap left ,right or up and down but the straps are very hard to tighten.

All in all this is a nice stroller but the decision totally depends on your needs. If you want convertible stroller then baby jogger 2010 city single stroller would be helpful but for other purposes you can check out the other strollers.

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