Graco Duo Glider LX Stroller

Another amazing double stroller in the market is Graco Duo Glider LX Stroller manufactured by the company named Graco. The most attention seeking feature of this stroller is that it has two seats with each seat has its own canopy. Most of the double strollers are heavy and when you stroll around with your babies it becomes quite difficult to twist and turn the stroller.

Graco Duo Glider LX Stroller is good when you have the children with varying ages as if the difference between your two children must be an year or two in order to get the real benefit from this stroller. The older one can sit on the rear seat which is bigger as compared to the front seat.


Graco Duo Glider LX Stroller

Some of the fine features of Graco Duo Glider LX Stroller are

Features of Graco Duo Glider Single Stroller

  • This stroller has the facility to attach any Graco infant car seat. In any case your seat tatters or becomes shabby then you can always attach the infant car seat from any other Graco stroller.
  • A good feature that should be brought into notice is the flat reclining facility of the rear seat of Graco Single baby Stroller. Although the front infant seat can also be reclined but the rear seat can be reclined completely flat and can be raised for a better view of the surroundings.
  • Each seat has a canopy with the comfortable footrests for the babies.
  • Although it is a double stroller and double strollers are supposed to be folded with difficulty but Graco Duo Glider LX Stroller has its own class.
  • You can easily fold it with one hand while standing upright.
  • A large storage basket is also present.

Now let us gaze at some of the reviews.

Reviews on Graco Baby Stroller

Majority has given a positive response about this stroller. It is very easy to steer and it is maneuverable. You do not have to put a lot of weight on the handle to turn the stroller. You can single handedly control the stroller. It folds easily without adjusting the canopy or wheels. Just pull and fold. And it can be fitted easily in the trunk of any car. It is not heavy unlike other double strollers.

It has huge storage underneath and there is also a decent sizes netted pocket at the back of the rear seat. You can smoothly steer the stroller at the sideways of any dirty pathway. Your stroller would not cause any bumps during the journey.

There are a couple of things by which Graco Duo Glider LX Stroller has disappointed the customers like the front seat seems small and uncomfortable as compared to the rear seat. The backrest of the front seat is also very slouchy and unsupportive. The basket underneath the seats drops down at times which is very unpleasant while you are strolling on the road.

This is not a bad stroller at all. And instead of using the so called modified single cum double strollers, use the genuine double strollers like Graco Duo baby Stroller.

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