Joovy Kooper Umbrella Stroller

Unlike all the other modish strollers Joovy has manufactured, Joovy kooper umbrella stroller is class apart.  With superb handling and brakes this stroller has amazed everyone who has used it. You get a great feeling when you put your hands onto this stroller.

A trendy buggy like stroller made up of extremely light weighed aluminum frame, seat that is formed of an exclusive 1680D gleaming fabric and a large canopy enclosing a window are some of the traits that make it a stroller.

Joovy Kooper Umbrella Stroller

Features of Umbrella Single Stroller

  • Before inking down the reviews that people have made about this product lets take a look at the features Joovy kooper umbrella stroller offers;
  • It is stylish, compact and lightweight. And it is an umbrella fold buggy which is why this feature makes it to the top.
  • The tubing has been made of aluminum that is why it is easy to handle as compared to other strollers.
  • Since every parent relies heavily on the baby seat and the quality of the fabric that is being used in it.
  • Joovy kooper umbrella stroller has a 1680D fabric that makes the seat ultra comfy
  • Two shoulder pads are also included in the stroller.
  • How can there not be an extra large canopy with a window in an umbrella stroller. This stroller provides more than sufficient covering what your baby needs.
  • The baby seat can be reclined to three different positions.
  • There are two cup holders with a large storage basket.

For the sake of stroller security you will find a one link brake system in joovy kooper umbrella stroller.

Reviews on Joovy Kooper Baby Stroller

This is the most durable stroller in the market. It is light in weight and folds very easily. It can fit very easily in a trunk. The seat is very comfortable and after the addition of shoulder pads it has become more homely and your baby can have a sound sleep.

The other good thing about the baby seat is that it does not droop in because of the firmness of the back seat. The reclining facility is really good as it can be done with a single hand and without any pre defined height settings.

The quality of canopy is worth mentioning as it is only one of the strollers that has a big size canopy and a decent sized peek a boo window. The canopy can be folded back if you feel like enjoying the sun. The handle height of the joovy kooper umbrella stroller is also reachable to woman of a normal height.

Let us take a look at the “cons” which are not in great number though.

The handle height is not adjustable which can be a problem for some persons. There are no child and parent trays in Joovy kooper umbrella stroller. It can be installed afterwards but it would cost you extra money. The size of the cup holders is not that big. Sometimes your cup does not fit in there.

This is a decent stroller with so many features and a reasonable price. It should be given a try at least for once.


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