Baby Jogger Stroller 2nd Seat Ruby

If you want an up to date double stroller with all the latest features and amazing steering than baby jogger stroller seat ruby is not a bad option to choose at all. This stroller is great for the kids from 5 months to 2-3 years of age.

This is a great tandem stroller which gives you extra advantage by giving you an extra seat and it means this is a convertible stroller and you can use it as a single bike stroller or you can use it as a double stroller if you have two kids of nearly the same age.

Baby Jogger Stroller 2nd Seat Ruby

Baby jogger stroller offers a lot of great features. Let us take a look at some of them

Features of baby jogger stroller 2nd seat ruby

  •  The biggest trouble one faces with the double stroller is the folding mechanism. This is a light weight stroller irrespective of its strong manufacturing. This stroller can be easily lifted and put it anywhere, it’s a guarantee that it will fit in the tiniest of spaces in your car.
  • 16 different types of seating arrangements can be formed on this stroller.
  • It’s a convertible stroller and not every stroller can be customized these days.
  • It’s a bike stroller and its wheel arrangements are made accordingly. The rear wheels are big compared to the front wheels. The rear wheels are 12” while the front wheels are 8”. All the wheels are air filled and it is one big reason that this stroller runs on any surface you this onto.
  • For the comfort of your baby the reclining facility has also been installed in the stroller.
  • The foot rest position in majority of the strollers you see in the market is completely fixed or slightly moveable.
  • In baby jogger stroller 2nd seat ruby the foot rest position is multi positioned and can be moved upwards or downwards depending on the height of your baby. This feature has proved to be pretty useful for the smaller children.

The features have been discussed in great detail. Let us gaze at some of the reviews.

Reviews on baby jogger stroller 2nd seat ruby

People very much liked the assembling of baby jogger stroller 2nd seat ruby and considered it pretty easy as compared to other double strollers. Just snap in the wheels and seat, adjust the canopy and baby jogger stroller 2nd seat ruby is ready. This stroller is shorter than other strollers and it has very flexible and friendly 6 seat configuration.

The handle bar height is adjustable and for safety measures a hand brake is also installed on the side of the stroller which is another good thing you will get with baby jogger stroller 2nd seat ruby.

The only negative feature that is worth noticing is that it does not offer more than two position changing mechanism when you attach the second seat which is somewhat troublesome. Baby jogger stroller seat ruby is a good stroller and it should be tried.

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