Baby Jogger Summit XC Stroller

What a piece of good fortune a jogging cum umbrella stroller is. This is a great benefit if you are getting the features of an umbrella stroller and a jogging stroller in a single stroller. You do not have to buy both strollers separately when you can get it all the features in single stroller and at an affordable price. Baby jogger summit XC stroller is the one that will provide you with the qualities of both the strollers.

Baby Jogger Summit XC Stroller

Specifications of Baby Jogger Single Stroller

Let us check at the specifications of baby jogger summit XC stroller.

  • Like the other baby jogger strollers baby jogger summit XC stroller has also got the quick fold technology. This is primarily the reason why the preference of people is shifting from other strollers to the strollers of baby jogger.
  • The dimensions of wheels are different i.e. the rear wheels are 16” while the front wheels are 12”. The size of the rear wheels has been laid big so you can have perfect jogging. The 12” wheels will certainly help during casual strolling at the roads and the sidewalks.
  • For jogging the wheels are pneumatic and the front wheels are swivel and lockable. This is another great feature that will assist you during jogging.
  • All the wheels are suspended that makes this stroller one of the smoothest on the roads.
  • Jogging at the rocky and steep areas is not a big task now after the installment of hand operated rear drum brakes.
  • There is a huge adjustable canopy with a peek-a-boo window plus the ventilation panel for the constant air ventilation during summers.
  • The seat is padded and can be reclined to a complete flat position. The reclining is very easy and it does not require a lot of effort.
  • The retractable weather covers are also present.
  • The handle bar can be extended to different positions and it has a clean grip.

A lot of specifications have been discussed. It is time to take a look at some of the reviews about baby jogger summit XC stroller.

Reviews on Baby Jogger Summit XC Stroller

People regard this stroller better than its predecessors in every aspect. People think baby jogger summit XC stroller to be one of the most comfortable strollers on the road. It locks shut after you pull the wrist strap. Not many strollers have this function. The canopy is very decent that has a window at the very top of it and two ventilation windows in the sideways.

The shocks are not just confined to the rear wheels but every wheel. The headroom is more in baby jogger summit XC stroller and the seat is a little more straight and padded than the other stroller.

The only negative aspect of this stroller that has been listed is the heaviness you feel when you fold it with all the accessories and wheels.

On the whole, baby jogger summit XC stroller is the perfect stroller for you and your baby. You would definitely not regret your decision after buying it. Buy at incredibly low price from amazon!

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