Baby Trend Single Snap n Go Stroller

Not many strollers you will see without a canopy or a roof and so light that you can take them anywhere you want. From small shopping stores to aisles of an airport baby trend single snap n go stroller fits in every nook and corner of a place. The infant car seat is convertible to a stroller and the folding of this stroller is amazingly compact. You can handle it with ease. It is one of the very few economical strollers in the market that anyone can buy. It has all the basic things installed except for the canopy.

Baby Trend Single Snap n Go Stroller

   Let us take a look at the features of baby trend snap n go stroller.

Features of Baby Trend Single Snap n Go

  • It handles all the infant car seats of the major stroller brands without any problem.
  • The infant car seat can be easily converted into a stroller without causing any disturbance to your baby.
  • Baby trend single snap n go stroller has no canopy so this stroller is not a good choice for the showery areas although you can install the canopy afterwards.
  • A parental tray is attached at the front and a basket underneath the car seat is also available. You can put a lot of things in the basket.
  • The front wheels are swivel and dual locking mechanism is available plus for the extra safety brakes in the rear wheels are also installed. That is why this stroller is called as snap n go.
  • The packing and unpacking of the stroller is extremely easy. You can even do it while carrying your baby in the arms.
  • The handle is at a good height and it would not create any trouble for the tall height people.

About time that we discuss the reviews by people who used baby trend simple snap n go stroller.

Reviews on Baby Trend Single Snap n Go

This is a very simple stroller provided the price tag it carries. The best thing about baby trend single snap n go stroller is its weightlessness. It is very light weight after folding it can be taken anywhere and you will feel as if you are carrying nothing.

Baby trend single snap n go stroller squeezes in the tiniest of places like in the malls or stores or the narrow aisles of the restaurants etc. You would definitely not find any problem with the durability of this stroller. Another good feature noticed about this stroller is the folding mechanism. It saves you a lot of time and energy.  It easily fits into a small car or a trunk. Along with the parental tray and storage it has got two cup holders as well.

Now is the time for some negative things said about this stroller, the straps that are used to tighten the baby sometimes get caught in the wheels during strolling. The infant car seat cannot endure the weight above 25-30lbs. If you are a kind of person who considers the expensive things useless and a waste of money then the baby trend single snap n go stroller is what you want to use.

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