BOB Revolution Single Stroller

You can judge this stroller by the name “revolution”. This stroller is not like the traditional, outmoded strollers you see strolling around here and there. BOB Revolution Single Stroller has got its own charm. This stroller is in vogue and you would not see many around you.

The power of this stroller can be considered by the face that it is single seated but can support the weight up to 70 pounds. It is so powerful yet so flimsy that it loses all the weight after folding and you put or carry it anywhere.

BOB Revolution Single Stroller

BOB Revolution Single Stroller Features

Before making further hype about BOB Single stroller you can take a check yourself at its features.

  • Most of the single stroller’s front wheels are fixed and straight but in this stroller the wheel is swivel which provides extra movement.
  • When you go for jogging the front wheels gets locked at high speeds to provide extra stability.
  • The frame is made up of light weighed aluminum alloy. So now you do not have to bother about the heaviness of your stroller.
  • You need to learn the two steps for folding and off you go.
  • An adjustable suspension system and the five point padded harness system are always there for the safety and comfort of your baby.
  • The seat is adjustable and it can be reclined back if your baby falls asleep.
  • The canopy can be rotated and there are numerous storage options available on the BOB Revolution single Stroller like the mesh pockets at the sides, a large basket under the seat and a sizeable pocket at the back of the seat.

If you are still not satisfied with the aforementioned features you need to take a look at the reviews below.

Revolution Single Baby Stroller Reviews

The frame of the BOB Revolution Single Stroller is very light but strong enough for the safety purpose. The construction of this stroller is powerful God forbid if you get any kind of accident or something then this stroller will provide the safety to your child till last minute. The handling of this stroller is completely effortless. Thanks to the brakes system and the shock absorber front wheel.

The canopy has springy action and you can adjust it several different positions also the window in the canopy is quite big. You can have a watch at your baby. The fabric of the seat is impressive. Not only it does not rip off easily but it can be washed without putting a lot of effort. The handle bar is also thin, easy to hold. The handle bar foam is nice. You don’t hurt your hands while strolling.

The seats are a bit firm which cause a slight discomfort for the baby. Seats do not recline as much as you think it would. The straps of the harness system are short so you need to pull tightly to buckle them.

BOB Revolution Single Stroller is a great stroller and you if you want to have a secure and trouble free strolling then you need to try this one.

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