BOB Sport Utility Stroller

Another great stroller that runs smoothly on the rocky terrains is the BOB sport utility stroller. For jogging, sports or any hiking activity this stroller will not disappoint you. Complete sporting built up with fixed front wheel and sizable rear wheels, BOB sport utility stroller has everything what a jogger parent can ask for. This is very light weight and no difficulty will be faced whatsoever during strolling.

BOB Sport Utility Stroller

Features of BOB Sport Utility Stroller

Take a look at some of the features of this stroller.

  • All the other jogging strollers have swivel front wheel but this stroller has fixed wheel reason being that fixed stroller provides maximum support during strolling even in the craggiest of places.
  • If you by mistake cross the normal speed of the stroller then the fixed front wheel will make sure that you do not face any accident.
  • This is not a heavy stroller but still you have to follow two simple steps for folding the BOB sport utility stroller.
  • Suspension system is a must thing to have in the jogging strollers. This stroller has five points padded harness system with fasteners that can be tightened with strings that are attached in the stroller.
  • In addition to the five points padded harness system this stroller has two positions shock absorbers for extra comfort and a caliber type braking system for extra security.
  • Made form pure aluminum alloy this stroller gets extremely compact after folding and carrying it in the car trunk does not remain a trouble for you.
  • Accessory attachments can also be made like for infant seat. The baby seat is compatible with all the baby seats of major stroller brands.
  • Another good feature that might tempt you to buy this product is the warranty it carries along. The frame has the warranty of five years while the other small accessories and parts have the warranty of one year.

Reviews on BOB Sport Utility Stroller

Let us glance at the reviews people gave on this product. People have highly admired this awesome product by the BOB. If you happen to dwell in the mountainous areas or you go a mountainous area for excursion then BOB sport utility stroller is an essential thing to carry along.

The things that people most loved about this stroller are, Easy handling which is something a rare feature in the sport strollers. But BOB sport utility stroller has outdone every other stroller in the handling aspect. The canopy is quite big even though you would not expect a lot of sun to come out in the hilly areas but canopy is always useful. The rolling of the stroller is easy and without any hindrance.

The tires are very responsive and do not halt while strolling. The brakes are pretty good. Plenty of storage can be found underneath the baby seat as well as in the back. People who have used this stroller have not really objected to anything. In short, this is a good stroller that you should keep with you whenever you plan to go out with your child at some rocky area. Buy for a cheap price on amazon!

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