Chicco Cortina Double Stroller

You might be familiar with a lot of double strollers by Baby jogger, Graco and other companies. Chicco is one more stroller company that has introduced the Chicco Cortina double stroller in half the price of what other stroller companies sell their double strollers.

This stroller is cheap and reliable. Most of the strollers that are easily affordable are not reliable but Chicco Cortina double stroller is a very unusual stroller.

Chicco Cortina Double Stroller

We should discuss the specifications of this stroller in order to know more about it.

Specifications of Chicco Cortina double stroller

  • Unlike other double strollers that do not accept any other infant except for their own brand Chicco Cortina double stroller accepts every 1rated key fit or key fit 30 infant car seats.
  • Both the seats can be completely reclined. This is a very unique feature which is not present in every double stroller. Most of the double strollers are built in a way that either you can recline the front seat or the back seat and not both.
  • For car seat attachment the folding is from front and can be performed with one hand.
  • Another feature that is only exclusive for the Chicco Cortina double stroller users is the interchangeable armrests and cup holders. Arm rests and cup holders are an essential item
  • In any stroller and what more advantageous can that stroller be if theses items are inter convertible.
  • The canopies are present on both the seats and they can be adjusted according to the needs.
  • The basket is quite spacious and it is easily accessible even when you fully recline the seats.
  • The wheels are swivel and can be moved on any surface but the tires work best on the roads and sidewalks.

An overwhelming response was being noticed when Chicco Cortina double stroller first came into the market. Let us see if the response was in favor or against the stroller.

Reviews on Chicco Cortina double stroller

People are chanting that this is arguably the best double stroller up to date. The foremost thing was the economical price tag it carries with itself. You don’t need to buy those lavish and hugely priced double strollers when you can get each and everything in Chicco Cortina double stroller in a small amount. It is very stylish stroller with cubical pattern. This stroller is firmly built and there is not any piece that will break up.

The seats of Chicco Cortina double stroller are adequately padded. The storage is good and there is no bar or seat material to make the access to the storage a problem. The handle bar can be adjusted. The weight recommendation is also very nice almost 40lbs per seat.

There are not many objections raised on this stroller except that the sun shade is a little small.

Overall Chicco Cortina double stroller is a very nice stroller provided a cheap and affordable price tag, the discussion now boils down to your own decision. People have given it 5 stars and I believe it is worth trying.

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