Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System – Midori

You want your child to have a smooth and comfortable ride then Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System is possibly the best option you have. It is jam packed with lots of great features that will make this stroller the safest ride for your baby. This stroller will fit in your life style and it will lessen you troubles for buying a stroller to a great extent.

Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System - Midori

Features of Chicco Cortina Travel System

Let us have a brief overview on the features of Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System.

  • The good thing about this stroller is that it is a convertible stroller. The infant car seats of Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System are compatible with all the infant car seats of Chicco Cortina.
  • The car seat base of this stroller is very well designed and people buy it primarily due to its chic design.
  • The sun canopy of this stroller is huge. By huge I mean it is so big that if you are strolling in the broad daylight the canopy of this stroller can easily extend to the face of your stroller.
  • The folding and unfolding of Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System is very easy. It is a single step folding and does not require a lot of effort.
  • As compared to other strollers which have only two cup holders this stroller has four cup holders plus an additional space for the items.
  • The storage beneath the seat is very spacious. You can put baby diapers and other accessories in there.
  • Besides this there are other storage option as well the in the back and sides of the seats. But these storage pockets are relatively less spacious.

A lot of features have been discussed so far. Let us see how people reviewed this stroller.

Reviews on Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System

This stroller is great for infants. The car seat is very beautiful and the base is strong too although the snapping of the seat is no difficult job to do. You can also travel it without any base. The stroller is big but nit that heavy and you can move it with ease.

The bulkiness of the stroller is the reason for the amazing maneuverability of the stroller. The baby seat is made of extremely stylish and delicate fabric and it can be washed without any trouble. Unlike other strollers none of the systems of this stroller gets jammed at any place.

Let us talk about the “cons” of this stroller. The car seat has a very major problem of sweating. Thhis is a big stroller so obviously it will take more space in the trunk of your car as compared to the tiny single strollers. So if you have a small car you mkight get some problem putting it in the back.

By and large this is a great stroller and Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System has lived up to the expectations of the people. It is a winner in everybody’s book.

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