Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System

This is another great stroller introduced by the brand Chicco. It has a lot of new and great features that sets it apart from the other strollers like the memory reclining ability of the stroller which is a very fresh thing launched among the strollers in the market.

The smooth steering of this stroller, easy handle gripping and safety measures that have been installed in the form of wheel suspensions and the brakes are the things that make this stroller an amazing ride for the babies.

Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System

Chicco Cortina Key fit Travel System Features

Let us see what makes Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 travel system better than its counterparts.

  • Memory recline seat that can be positioned in multiple ways is arguably the best feature of Chicco Cortina keyfit 30 travel system.
  • Another feature that should be brought into attention is the weight carrying capacity of this stroller. Almost all the other strollers can carry the weight up to 40-45 pounds but this stroller is strong enough to carry the weight up to 55 pounds.
  • The folding of this stroller is very convenient and can be done single handedly.
  • 3 positioned reclining facility of leg rest is present and another flat recline for comfort.
  • Brakes are attached on the rear wheel for the sake of safety.
  • A shopping basket and trays for both the parent and the babies are useful amenities that are pre installed in the stroller.
  • The canopy is adjustable and it is laminated. Not to mention the fact that it is large enough to offer maximum protection from the weather.

Chicco Cortina Travel System Reviews

Let us take some reviews of the people who used it.

Chicco Cortina keyfit 30 travel system is an awesome stroller and one can say it without a wee bit of doubt after using it. That does not mean that is has no ‘con’. It has some cons but this should not termed as the deal breaker. ‘Pros’ of Chicco Cortina keyfit 30 travel system are huge in number like the number of features it offers according to price tag is great. Not many strollers offer much in such a decent price range. When you unfold the stroller the seat comes back to the position it was in previously and this is a great advantage.

The handle is adjustable so you can adjust it with respect to the height you have. The front wheels are lockable this gives you the extra security. The strollers are quite difficult to clean but this stroller is very easy to clean. Just put it in a cold water bath without soap dry it and it is done. The quality of the fabric the seat is made off is easy to clean and pretty chic. The stroller steers easily even on the rough surfaces.

The fabric’s warm and in hot places when the baby sits in there his back sweats. Chicco Cortina travel system is heavier than some models. The adult cup holder is quite shallow that cannot hold the drink if you take your stroller to the rough areas.

Overall this is a great stroller and the reviews it received are more positive than the negative ones and I believe Chicco Cortina travel system deserves a chance to be at your home.

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