Chicco Liteway Stroller

As the name entails, this is a light weighed stroller introduced by Chicco. This is a trendy and up to date baby stroller with all the built in basic features what your baby needs. Strolling seems fun with when you hold on to the handle of this Chicco liteway stroller. This stroller is perfect for everyday use. You can even take Chicco liteway baby stroller to the rugged roads or you can stroll it all day long at your home.

Chicco Liteway Stroller

Chicco Liteway Stroller Features

  • The most striking feature of this stroller is that it is that it is light weighed and elliptical aluminium tubing with hard wheels that make this stroller go anywhere without any discomfort,
  • Hide away boot enclosure is there for the babies when they feel like sleeping and you can completely recline the seat depending on the mood of the baby,
  • Foot actions locks are also present on the wheels which are recommended for the safety purposes,
  • The backrest can be reclined to 5 different positions while the leg rest is also adjustable to two different positions just to make sure that your baby feels comfy all the time,
  • The folding is 3D compact and precise so you can take Chicco liteway stroller anywhere,
  • You can carry up to 40 pounds on the  Chicco liteway stroller,
  • The baby basket on Chicco liteway stroller is detachable can be converted into a slinging bag and may be used for other purposes liking carrying baby things,

Chicco Liteway Baby Stroller Review

Every product that you buy has some pros and cons. Before you buy any product you lay a great amount of stress on the pros of the product rather on the cons. Well lets take a look at how the general publice rate this product.

Chicco Liteways’ Stroller’s height is great advantage for the parents specially the tall ones who usually have to bend over for the strolling. An easy one hand recline and you do not have to worry to change your babies diapers or clothes. Thanks to the the 5 position changing backrest of the stroller. The locks on the front wheel are  great for security measures.  Now  you can take your stroller to the wet or greasy surfaces as well.

A large cup holder for the parents is another great use of Chicco liteway stroller since this cup holder is not exactly a cup holder but a big basket which can fit 2-3 bottles as well. Parents are always intimidated by the tipping over thing of  the strollers. this stroller does not tip over even if you hang some clothes or diapers on the side of the stroller. Chicco baby stroller is evenly balanced.

Lets see the cons of this product.

The viewing window in canopy is tainted and the light keeps n refracting through it which falls straight on the baby’s face. Plus the canopy size is not that big as expected. There is no child tray which is creates some trouble when the baby wants to eat the snacks.

Overall Chicca liteway stroller is a great stroller and it is worth a try!

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