Chico Cortina Travel System

Not many strollers have become famous for the defense system they have. But there is one such stroller which have crossed all the boundaries and that is the Chicco Cortina travel system. It is quite obvious by the name that it is a travel system and travel systems are supposed to be completely secure for the babies.

According to the Consumers Magazine Chicco Cortina travel system was voted as the most secure stroller for babies.

Chico Cortina Travel System

Let us see that apart from the security system what else this stroller offers.

Features of Chicco Cortina Travel System

  • The baby seat can be fully reclined to various positions. If the baby wants to sleep it can be completely reclined to the flat position and if the baby is not asleep you can recline it to semi vertical or complete vertical position.
  • Chicco Cortina travel system comes with the premium infant matching key fit 30 car seat. This is a great feature of this stroller and not every other stroller comes with a secondary infant car seat.
  • Another great feature of this system is the “memory reclining facility” of this stroller. Now, you don’t have to memorize the last position of the seat your baby was most comfortable at. After unfolding the stroller the baby seat comes automatically to the previous position it was at.
  • The folding of this system is also very convenient and no need to make a heroic two hand effort to fold the stroller. A simple one hand jerk is enough for the folding.
  • The automatic storage latch is another sought after feature.
  • This is a light weight stroller but its strength is no less than the double strollers you see in the market.

And the features list goes on and on. Now, let us glance at the reviews regarding this stroller.

Reviews on Chicco Cortina Travel System

This is a great stroller with amazing safety ratings. It has a five positioned padded harness system with easy strap holding and buckle system. It has great tires and smoothly steers on the roads and sidewalks. It is somewhat taller than the other strollers which make it an amazing choice for the tall parents. Although it has an adjustable handle height and if you have a small height then the handle can be adjusted.

The material of the stroller is very light and durable. It is very convenient to fold you don’t have to do a lot of work for folding just a push and it is folded. The weather covers are very stylish and the material with which they are made up off is also very modish.

The only complaint regarding the Chicco Cortina travel system was the hindrance you had to face while accessing for the storage area. Although the stroller is tall but when the car seat is in the normal position it limits the storage compartment to some extent.

Chicco Cortina travel system will prove to be a pretty useful stroller in the place where the roads are rough and where there is greater chance of accidents. Give this stroller a try.

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