First Years Wisp Travel System

You would not have seen many twisting strollers which come with the infant car seats as well. Well, if you are searching out for one such stroller then you need to peep at the amazing product of First Years which is the first years wisp travel system.

This is one apt stroller for your baby for the everyday use. No matter where you go in the car or travel at the sidewalks first years wisp travel system will always provide you with the best of comfort that no other stroller offers.

First Years Wisp Travel System

You need to fully satisfy yourself before you go on buying this amazing system but before that take a look at the specifications of this stroller first.

Specifications of First Years Wisp Travel System

  • The main feature of this stroller is already mentioned, the wisp stroller along with an amazing infant car seat.
  • his stroller has got great handle height than any other stroller.
  • The front wheels are swivel which ensures amazing maneuverability. The front wheel can be locked in the time of need.
  • For extreme safety purposes it has got the rear brakes and the five point harness system.
  • There are two big storage compartments in this stroller one is on the upper side of the stroller and the other is at the lower side.
  • The canopy is not just big but over sized.
  • The infant car seat offers only one hand harness system adjustment which is very convenient for the parents.
  • There is a sizable child tray in the first years wisp travel system and this feature makes sure that this stroller is no less than the other strollers.
  • The installation of the infant car seat is so easy that you would not feel a thing. The color coded belt paths and built in lock offs have made the installation much easier.
  • The infant car seat is made so, that if you face an unfortunate event of crash or accident in the car this seat has the ability to rebound the energy.

Reviews on First Years Wisp Travel System

People have highly acclaimed the making of first years wisp travel system. And they have said that this is one of the most stable strollers in the market these days. The car seat is also very easy to install and remove from the car. There is ample of storage in the stroller. The assembling of this stroller is also very easy and you can do it in less than five minutes. This is not a very small stroller and its folding is made accordingly.

But that is assured that it will easily fit in any car provided that there should be some amount of space in the trunk. Another good thing about first years wisp travel system is the price range. It is easily affordable by any family.

This is a great stroller and once you start using it you will get used to it. If you have got some money and you want to buy a decent mid sized stroller that could cover all your needs then first years wisp travel system is your stroller.

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