Graco Alano Travel System

Of all the travel systems you get to see in the market Graco Alano travel system is the one that stands apart. It has got all the amazing features one can expect from a stroller. Graco itself is a reputable company which produces stylish and versatile strollers but after the inception of Graco Alano travel system it has travelled to new heights.

There are a lot of features that can be discussed about this system. Let us take a look at some of them.

Graco Alano Travel System


Features of Graco Alano Travel System

  • The best feature about Graco Alano travel system is the inclusion of infant car seat. You do not get to see many single strollers that offer this feature.
  • The installation of Graco‚Äôs infant car seat is like the easiest job in the world. No need of tools or other kind of heavy machinery just plug in the seat with your single hand the infant car seat is ready.
  • The stroller has a strong base. It means that the built up is strong and the stroller can easily uphold the weight around 50pounds.
  • There are not many steps to be followed for the folding. The folding is very quick and not much time is required for it.
  • This feature is for mums who have grown tired of bending while folding, in the case of Graco Alano travel system no bending is required. It is a standing fold and it works

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