Graco Quattro Tour Sport Travel System

There are not plenty of strollers in the market that offer extended weight limit and comfortable ride both in one package. Graco Quattro Tour Sport Travel System is a stroller that offers both of these features in a very affordable price.

Normally the strollers that offer the extended weight limit have creepy balance system. After putting the above than normal weight in those strollers their balance system completely deteriorates. But Graco Quattro Tour sport travel system has amazing balance system that offers complete security to your baby regardless of the weight you put in the stroller.

Graco Quattro Tour Sport Travel System

Let us gaze at some of the features of this stroller.

Features of Graco Quattro Tour Sport Travel System

  • The extended weight limit up to 50 pounds is something worth mentioning about this stroller. It is undoubtedly the best feature in this stroller. Now, you do not have to worry if your baby’s weight is more than normal.
  • The seat is multi positioned and offers immense comfort for your baby that you cannot even imagine.
  • The canopy is sizable and a good thing about it is the peek-a-boo window placed inside in rotating unlike other strollers where the peek-a-boo window is fixed. The function of peek-a-boo window is that it offers complete blockage of ultraviolet radiations from every direction.
  • The child’s tray and cup holders are also one of the accessories of this stroller. For the simple and trouble free entry of the baby in the stroller the child’s tray and cup holder can be detached form the stroller.
  • For the sake of security 5 points adjustable harness system is installed in the stroller.
  • The frame of the stroller is made up of aluminum but it is extremely strong and that is one of the reasons why this stroller can be easily steered irrespective of the weight in it.

Let us take a look at the reviews about this stroller by the people who used it.

Reviews on Graco Quattro Tour Sport Travel System

Graco Quattro tour sport travel system is a nice stroller. It is easy to fold and operate. It is not heavy as compared to other modern day strollers and that is primarily the reason why it is so easy to fold this stroller. The front wheels of this stroller are shock absorbing so now you can take your stroller to the most rugged places you know and your baby would not feel a bump on the way. The features of this stroller are more than what you and your baby needs plus this stroller is available in a very economical price.

Some of the “cons” of this stroller are

The car seat starts to feel heavier sometimes after your baby has grown up. And it becomes somewhat difficult to maneuver the stroller and there is no parent tray available.

If you don’t have enough money and you want to buy a quality stroller for your baby then Graco Quattro tour sport travel system is not a bad option at all.

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