Graco Spree Travel System

“Comfort” is a trait that every stroller wants to possess especially every stroller tries to provide the infant car seat comfortable and cozy. One such stroller that provides comfort at its best is the Graco Spree travel system.

It has the snug ride infant car seat which is immensely soothing. Snug ride infant car seat has been voted as the best infant car seat available in the market by various consumer magazines and publications. Not just the cozy infant car seat it has got many other features which we shall discuss in detail.

Graco Spree Travel System

Features of Graco Spree Travel System

  • The stroller can bear the weight up to 40 pounds while the infant car seat can resist almost 22-25 pounds.
  • The hype this stroller has is solely due to the appeasing infant car seat which is known as the snug ride infant car seat. This infant car seat is very popular among the parents who have used this that they have voted it as the best infant car seat in the market right now.
  • Like other Graco strollers, the Graco Spree travel system has also one of the most effortless folding mechanism. You can fold it by standing upright and this stroller has also got the handle so you can carry it wherever you want to.
  • No bending is necessary for the folding which is a trademark feature in all the Graco products.
  • Graco spree travel system has been tested with a crash test by the US authorities to meet the security demands.
  • It is loaded with all the necessary security measure you can possibly ask for in a stroller like the five points padded harness system and a removable head support for the infants.

Let us see how the people reviewed this product.

Reviews on Graco Spree Travel System

The people who have used graco spree travel system have lauded it to immeasurable extent even the parents who bought it recently have also said that it is a great buy. It is so easy to install and use. The installation of car seat base is the most difficult job to do but in graco spree travel system it seems so easy to do.

It has a great storage space to put your babies’ diapers in and after folding it gets so compact that it can be fitted in any medium sized car trunk. The stroller’s seat is very chic and comfortable. It is multi positioned and can be reclined at any angle. Your baby will have the best feeling in the world if he rides in this stroller.

The cons that should be brought into notice about this stroller are.

There is a slight problem with the straps of the stroller sometimes they tighten too much and sometimes they get loose by their own.

Except for this problem there is not a single thing can be called as a bad thing about this stroller. Graco Spree travel system is a good investment for you and your baby. This stroller should not be overlooked if you want your baby to have a perfect ride.

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