Graco Stand and Ride Stroller

Probably one of the most massive strollers in the market is Graco Stand and Ride stroller. Doubtless this is the best product the company Graco has ever produced. This is a real big and sturdy double stroller which is customizable. It has plenty of riding options and the seats can be adjusted depending on the age and height of your baby.

Graco Stand and Ride Stroller

First things first, let us take a look at the features

Features of Graco Stand and Ride Stroller

  • Not many double strollers can be customized but this stroller can accept up to two infant car seats. Most of the strollers except a single infant car seat attachment and the seat could be either the front one or the rear one.
  • Graco Stand and Ride Stroller offer multiple riding options. So now your baby will not face a single positioned monotonous ride which is devoid of any charm and excitement.
  • The reclining facility is pretty cool. The rear seat can be faced backward so you can have a decent look at your baby while the front seat can be completely reclined flat or in the horizontal position. The seat positions can be reversed without any trouble.
  • There is a standing platform as well on the rear side. If you have a grown up and he wants to stand up then you can have him stand at the back. The total weight which this stroller can easily resist is almost 100 pounds.
  • The folding is very convenient and it can be folded with one hand and you do not need to bend in for the folding. After folding the stroller automatically locks which is a great advantage for the parents.
  • The padded cushions of Graco Stand and Ride stroller are bacterial resistant. If somehow the cushions get stained with dirt or any other material their washing is very easy and you do not have to do a lot of effort for it. Just put it in the washing machine and the stain is gone.

Let us see how the people rated this product.

Reviews on Graco Stand and Ride Stroller

This is one awesome product and you will be very lucky if you buy it.  The multiple seating options is the high point of this stroller and it works great even if you have a grown up of around 3-4 years. This is a tall stroller and the rear seat can be faced backward when necessary.

You do not have to bend in for peeping at your baby. This is a big stroller with massive storage. The steering of this stroller is also very smooth and quick. You can do a lot of work in less amount of time. The assembling of Graco Stand and Ride Stroller is also very easy. The only minor problem with this stroller is the absence of parent tray and cup holders in this stroller.

This is a great stroller and provided the cheap price it has and endless features it offer Graco Stand and Ride Stroller should be tried at least once.

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