Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller

Being a parent creates a lot of responsibilities on one’s shoulders. And if you are amongst those parents who have a baby well then the responsibility doubles since taking care of your babies is no easy feat. Joovy Caboose stand on tandem stroller is one of the valuable products of Joovy that will make your work much easier.

Now you do not have to carry your baby all the time. Just put in your baby in the stroller and move it forward. This Joovy Caboose stand on tandem stroller has the model number 418 and you might want to take a look at the specifications of this product before coming onto any decision.

Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller

Specifications of Joovy Caboose Stand on tandem Stroller

  • The usefulness of this product can be judged by the fact that it has a seating capacity of two babies you can have your older one stand at the back of the stroller and younger one can be seated in the front.
  • This stroller can sustain the weight up to 45 pounds.
  • The tandem is quite firm and carries a stand on it.
  • A comfortable car seat attachment is present.
  • A big tray and a basket is attached at the front of the stroller for carrying food or any other stuff along. In addition to this two cup holders are also placed inside the tray.
  • Spinning fixed wheels are present and the tire material is made up of plastic. So now you can take your stroller to any surface.
  • This product is available in different colors and price range is nominal too which swirls around $130-150.

Joovy Caboose Baby Stroller Reviews

People who have used Joovy Caboose  stroller have highly admired its dimensions. the biggest positive aspect of this stroller they said is it is easier to steer than any other double stroller in the market. Not just double stroller it even beats the single strollers any day. The steering is very smooth and easy to handle. after folding its size becomes so small that it can be easily lifted and this is another good feature which makes it better than the other strollers.

The rear platform is big enough for a 2 or 3 yrs old child to stand on. If you just have a single baby then the back of the stroller can be used for carrying packages while comfortably seating your baby/toddler in the front. The positions can be reversed in any necessary case. The handle height is bigger as compared to other strollers, so you do not have to bend down to steer the stroller. Also the car seat of the stroller is made up of deluxe foam.

Joovy Caboose baby stroller has some negative aspects as well like there is no cup holder or tray for parents. The plastic tires may sometimes become rugged which makes the stroller difficult to move.

All in all the positive features of Joovy Caboose stand on tandem stroller are far greater in number than the negative ones and if you decide to buy a stroller you definitely want to buy this one from amazon.

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