Keekaroo Karoo Lighweight Stroller

How good does it feel when you go for a morning stroll with your baby in a stroller that is completely weightless and you do not have do a lot of work pulling and pushing your baby here and there in the morning.

Keekaroo karoo lightweight stroller is one such stroller that will make your and your babies’ life much easier. It comes with all the latest and dynamic features that you would hardly find in modern day strollers.

Keekaroo Karoo Lighweight Stroller

Let us sneak a peek at some of the quality features of Keekaroo karoo lightweight stroller.

Features of Keekaroo Karoo Lightweight Stroller

  • This weight of this stroller is almost next to nothing so you don’t have to worry at all about the folding and steering of this stroller.
  • The upholstery of Keekaroo karoo lightweight stroller can be removed and washed with hands when necessary. Not many strollers have this feature.
  • Normally the strollers’ canopy provides protection from UV radiations but in this case the fabric with which the stroller is made also provides the protection to the baby from the sun.
  • The seat is softened with any extremely delicate fabric plus it offers numerous functions as well like the changing of the backrest position. The backrest can be changed to three different positions. And the support to the leg can be given by the footrest which can be moved upwards and downwards with ease.
  • There is a secure system for the safety of the baby which includes the 5points comfort harness system and the double touch brakes in the rear wheels.
  • The wheels are 6” in diameter and made up of airless soft rubber. Rubber is the best option you can have for the strollers to be moved on roads.

A lot of features have been discussed. Let us light some glance at the reviews.

Reviews on Keekaroo Karoo Lighweight Stroller

The assembly of Keekaroo karoo lightweight stroller remained the biggest highlight of this stroller. Since it is a lightweight stroller so its assembly was as good as it possibly be. The reclining facility of this stroller also steals the show from other strollers in the market. There are individual brakes on the rear wheels in the Keekaroo karoo lightweight stroller but these brakes instantly respond at the second touch.

The seats are padded to a maximum extent and the baby feels extremely comfortable with that. A big sized peek-a-boo window is present at the top of the canopy and the basket at the bottom of the baby seat can also be accessed pretty easily.

There are some cons as well;

The tires are not made up of a very good quality plastic. The handles seemed to be tall enough for the short parents and they cannot be adjusted with ease.

Overall Keekaroo Karoo lightweight stroller is a good stroller provided the cheaper price it has than most of the other strollers in the market. It should be given a try even if you don’t want to buy it as your first stroller.

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