Mia Moda Atmosferra Stroller

There is a rarity of the strollers that are specifically built for the weather purposes. A stroller that can be moved on every terrain regardless of the conditions is a dream stroller for anyone. And amongst this league of strollers, Mia Moda atmosferra stroller needs to have a special mention for its contribution in the strolling industry especially in its own league.

Mia Moda Atmosferra Stroller

Let us take a look at the great features of this stroller.

Features of Mia Moda Atmosferra Stroller

  • This is a highly maneuverable stroller which is built on a very light frame. Its folding is extremely easy and you don’t have to bend down or put down a lot of force in order to fold the Mia Moda atmosferra stroller.
  • This stroller has front wheels which are swivel and can be locked on purpose. This is a very essential feature for any stroller that is built for every terrain.
  • The seat of Mia Moda atmosferra stroller is so comfortable that your baby would not be troubled even if you travel through some rough patch.
  • The baby seat can be reclined to 3 different positions.
  • There is a five point harness system in Mia Moda atmosferra stroller that will make sure that your baby remains safe even in the worst of conditions.
  • The wheels are swivel and they can be fixed if you take this stroller to a mountainous area or on a dry, barren surface.
  • Unlike other strollers which have got fixed or removable/adjustable handle. This stroller has got the telescopic handle.
  • Other baby accessories that Mia Moda atmosferra stroller has are removable baby tray, sizable cup holders, full coverage sun canopy etc.

Features have been discussed in great detail. It is about time that we have a quick glance at the reviews section.

Reviews on Mia Moda Atmosferra Stroller

People highly appreciated this quality product from Mia Moda. The main reason for the appreciation was due to the parent facing baby seat feature of the Mia Moda atmosferra stroller. Not many strollers offer this feature at such economical price range. The fabric with which the baby seat is made off is amazing and it does not wear out in extreme conditions. If by any chance it does it can be repaired back. The canopy is great and it gives proper cover to the baby.

The weight recommended by the company for this stroller is around 40 pounds but you can also stroller it with ease if you have a 50pound baby as well. The steering is very smooth and how good does it feel when you buy a stroller in around 220bucks and its steering quality is so smooth as if you are strolling with a 1000bucks stroller.

There are no many bad things about Mia Moda atmosferra stroller except for its height. When you put in you baby on the seat, its head touches on the canopy which is somewhat annoying.

By and large, Mia Moda atmosferra stroller is one great modern  day stroller and you should buy it if you want to have a great ride with your child.

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