Mia Modda Energi Stroller

An ultra smart, stylish, up to date stroller with all the prime features is what a new parent can ask for and if this aforementioned stuff is not present in a stroller then his dreams of taking his child outdoors having fun with him during strolling completely shatters down.

Mia Modda energi stroller is one such stroller that will make your dreams come true. This stroller has got all the latest features with an amazing body. This stroller has come new in the market and easily surpassed the most notable strollers.

Mia Modda Energi Stroller

Let us see what makes Mia Modda energi stroller so great.

Features of Mia Modda Energi Stroller

  • This stroller can bear the weight up to 40 pounds.
  • This stroller is ultra slim which makes it one of the easiest to fold. After folding this stroller remains in the standing position and it does not tilt back and forth. You can easily carry Mia Modda energi stroller in your car or trunk.
  • A great feature in this stroller is the calf support. If your baby is a grown up then this feature would suit him very well. Not many strollers are built this way and only a few offer this feature. Fortunately Mia Modda energi stroller is one of them.
  • This stroller is very cheap. You can buy it in less than 200$.
  • The tire material is plastic but the plastic is off good quality that makes this stroller suitable for any terrain.
  • Parent console is also present with decent sized cup holders.
  • The child’s tray is detachable. This feature helps the child when he wants to sit in the Mia Modda energi stroller. You can easily detach the tray and put the baby in after putting you can attach the tray back to its original position.
  • The baby seat is quite comfy and it can be reclined to 3 different positions.
  • For the security reasons this stroller has got the five points harness system and rear link brakes that work after you shake the rear wheels.

There were mixed reviews on this stroller let see how it went.

Reviews on Mia Modda Energi Stroller

This is a great 3 wheel stroller, reported by most of the mums who used it. This can be used as a jogging stroller as well due to the wheels it has got. The design, the color everything is so good about Mia Modda energi stroller and what else do you ask for in a mere 170-18- bucks. The assembly of this stroller is also pretty easy you don’t have to do a lot in order to snap it back. The canopy of Mia Modda energi stroller is great and stylish.

Some of the cons reported were, due to the very low price it seems that its accessories are not well made or made from some cheap material that is why parental tray and cup holders break easily.

Mia Modda energi stroller is a great stroller and once you use it your child will definitely stand out in the crowd.

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