Peg Perego Light Weight Stroller

You might have heard or be familiar with a lot of light weight strollers. Most of the stroller companies claim their strollers to be increasingly light weight but once you buy them you realized that it was nothing but a hoax. Of all the genuine light weight strollers in the market, Peg Perego light weight stroller is the one that deserves a big appreciation.

This is if not a complete light weight stroller but almost perfectly light weight that you want for your kid.

Peg Perego Light Weight Stroller

Let us take a look at some of the scintillating features of Peg Perego light weight stroller that have caught the attention of many eyes.

Features of Peg Perego Light Weight Stroller

  • This is a very slim stroller. It is basically an umbrella designed stroller so it folds very easily with a single hand.
  • This stroller is compatible with a lot of infant car seats the most notable is prime viaggo infant car seat. The assembly of the car seat is not an arduous task to do.
  • There is a suspension at all the wheels. The ball bearings are also attached on all the wheels. Front wheels are swivel while the rear wheels are fixed.
  • The good thing about Peg Perego light weight stroller is the presence of one step brakes in the rear wheels. Now you don’t have to apply a lot of effort to stop the stroller. A simple jerk at the back wheels and the Peg Perego lightweight stroller is stopped.
  • The handle bar is adjustable which is good for the tall parents.
  • The sun visor is also quite decent and made from a nice fabric.
  • The parent cup holder is detachable. If you detach the parent cup holder you get a lot of space for putting the baby in the stroller.

Quality features have been talked in great detail. Let us see the reviews.

Reviews on Peg Perego Light Weight Stroller

People say that this is a light weight stroller and it is supposed to carry a light weight but fortunately it carries the weight up to 45pounds which is very decent weight carrying capacity for any stroller. The opening and closing of Peg Perego light weight stroller is so easy that you do not have to kneel down or bend over to fold the stroller.

The canopy of this stroller is also pretty thing but covers a lot of light and protects your child from the harmful radiations. It is a great stroller with amazing maneuverability. Special thanks to the swivel and fixed wheels that are carrying the name of Peg Perego light weight stroller to new heights.

Some of the cons that need to be caught by your attention are the cup holders are not much of a cup holders. The drink spills down every time you go through a bump on the road. It does not fold as compact as you think.

Peg Perego light weight stroller is a great product by Peg Perego. You definitely need to buy it if you do not want to lose your energy.

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