Peg Perego Mini Stroller

A few mini strollers can be seen running on the roads and sidewalks if you see carefully and amongst those mini strollers Peg Perego mini stroller is always taking the lead. Boundless freedom is being offered by this stroller.

Special thanks to its compact size and reasonable price that lures the customer towards it. Not many mini strollers have got the features that Peg Perego mini stroller has got. Let us take a look at them.

Peg Perego Mini Stroller

Features of Peg Perego Mini Stroller

  •  The word mini shows us that this stroller is made up of very light frame aluminum. The folding of this stroller is also very compact due to this.
  • The weight of this stroller is nearly 11 pounds which makes is very easy to steer around.
  • This is a light weighed stroller but can accommodate a child up to 45 pounds.
  • The folding of this stroller can be done with a single hand like all the other strollers that are made form the light frame aluminum.
  • It becomes so compact after folding that you would not find any trouble fitting in the back or trunk of any car small or big does not matter.
  • The maneuverability of Peg Perego stroller is made so smooth because of the swivel wheels suspension and both swivel and fixed front wheels.
  • For security the front wheels can be locked while there is a 6point harness system also included in the stroller. This is quite a feature to be noticed in a mini stroller. Not every mini stroller comes along with such safety measures.
  • The baby seat can be adjusted and the backrest of the seat has reclining position. There is an adjustable footrest as well in the Peg Perego mini stroller. The footrest is very convenient for the growing children

Great amount of features have been discussed. Let us take some notice of the reviews.

Reviews on Peg Perego Mini Stroller

This is truly a light weighed stroller not like the other strollers which claim to be light weighed but turns out heavy instead. Its folding is quick and easy, can be done with a single hand without putting much effort. The baby seat is quite comforting. The fabric is formed of good quality and the reclining is quick and decent. The good thing about the seat is unlike other mini strollers the seat does not automatically get folded if a heavy child is put onto the seat.

Though, to avoid accidents try putting the child whose weight falls below than the recommended weight. The child tray is unexpectedly huge with large and deep cup holders. The cup holders make sure that you do not spill off your drink while strolling. As it is an umbrella stroller the canopy is up to the mark with a great peek-a-boo window.

Peg Perego mini stroller is one great umbrella stroller and if you are a resident of some urban area sun shows up each day then this is the stroller you need to buy.

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