Teutonia T-Linkx System

Another great stroller in the market that has surely reached to new heights is the Teutonia T-links system. You would not see many good strollers like this one because it has got innumerable features that will amaze you in one way or the other.

The infant car seat adapter, reversible seat changing mechanism and many other features are part of this beautiful design which has been named as the Teutonia T-linkx system.

Teutonia T-Linkx System

Let us see at some of the most productive features of this stroller.

Features of Teutonia T-Linkx System

  • The great thing about this stroller is that it includes an extra seat as well.  It includes the teutonia car seat and the car seat adapter.
  • The most notable feature of this stroller has got to be the reversible mechanisms included in this stroller. The reversible handle has been a great positive change for the mums who travel in the busy streets and subways.
  • Seat is extremely comfortable and it has got the reversible feature as well. You can now reverse the seat to the forward direction and the backward direction without facing any trouble.
  • The infant seat can easily uphold the child’s weight to about 5-35pounds.
  • The tires are air filled and there is suspension at the front wheels.
  • For safety the 5point harness system is present in the Teutonia T- linkx system.
  • The storage options in this stroller are too many to count like you can put your or baby stuff in the large storage basket underneath and then for additional things you can take use of the zipped pockets at the back of the stroller.
  • The fabric with which the seat is made up off is pretty good. It is water resistant unlike other strollers’ seat which gets damaged when the water is poured down on it and it absorbs dangerous UV radiations too.

Reviews on Teutonia T- Linkx System

People gave mixed reviews about this stroller some said it is very good and some said it is not worth the price. The positive reviews about the Teutonia T-linkx system mostly revolved around its maneuverability and handling.

There is a white reflecting piping which is pretty decent for the black seat. Its five point restraint system is also quite good and in times of need it provides maximum safety to the baby. The 3position recline of the seat is also up to the mark. The reversible seat option and the reversible handling is a bonus.

There were some negative views on Teutonia T-linkx stroller as well and the views oonly revolved around the price. People said that this stroller does not offer too much for the price it asks for. They said it is somewhat unpractical for the daily use as the folding thing of this stroller is quite disappointing.

By and large, Teutonia T-linkx system is not as bad as what some people have claimed it to be. Although the price it asks for is huge but the features it offers are amazing and this is sure shot guaranteed.

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