Aprica Presto Stroller

So many stroller companies manufacturing some trendy some bogus strollers in the market but no one match the maneuverability and style of Aprica Presto Stroller. The ultra slim body of this stroller beats any other stroller any day.

This stroller has comparatively higher seat position and it is an amazing stroller for the growing babies. For smooth ride four wheel suspension, built in seat ventilation system are installed in the Aprica Presto Baby Stroller.

Aprica Presto Stroller


Let us have a take on the features of this stroller.

Features of Aprica Presto Stroller

  • Arguably the most noted feature of this stroller is the high seat position which has lessened the worries of tall mums. Now you don’t have to stoop in to pick up your baby.
  • Aprica presto stroller would be pretty handy for the growing babies and not much for the just born babies because of the high seat position and leg room.
  • This stroller can easily bear the weight up to 70 pounds but keep in mind the minimum weight recommended is 12 pounds.
  • The built in seat ventilation system is great for the babies. Constant ventilation will keep your baby smiling and healthy.
  • The front wheels are swivel so now you should not worry about the maneuverability of the stroller. No matter how fast you go or whatever dodgy turns you take this feature will make sure that your baby remains safe and sound.
  • Besides the front swivel wheels, five point harness system is also present for extra security.
  • For better steering the handle is foamy so you will have a firm grip on it.
  • The seat cushion is padded and it is removable.
  • The washing of Aprica presto stroller is also very easy.

These were some of the exclusive features of this stroller. Now let us see how the people have responded to this product.

Reviews on Aprica Presto Stroller

People have responded it in a positive way. The sun shade of this stroller is great and it can be folded or removed. In addition to this the basket underneath the baby seat is also usable. Although many of the companies claim and brag about their product but in reality there are so many flaws. In the case of Aprica presto stroller it is otherwise. The basket is easily accessible and you can access it from the side of the stroller which is a very rare feature in these kinds of strollers.

The five point harness system is very useful plus it has 3 height adjustments as well which provides you with another advantage. It is a very light weight stroller due to its ultra slim build up and it would not cause any trouble while folding.

Aprica presto stroller has a slight disadvantage and it is that this stroller is not exactly meant to be for the infants. The baby seat does not completely recline flat which is another feature that shows that grown ups will have much fun on this stroller than the infants.

Overall the positives of Aprica presto stroller far outweigh the negatives. It has a decent price rate and it should be tried at least once.

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