Bumbleride Flite Lightweight Stroller

A stroller that is specifically designed for the urbane lot is bumbleride flite lightweight stroller. No matter how bumpy the roads or sidewalks are around your house or neighborhood, this stroller cruises through as if it is moving on a plain smooth road. Bumbleride is a great company which manufactures stroller and it believes that stroller should not just be functional but it should completely fit into the parents’ lifestyle.

Bumbleride Flite Lightweight Stroller


Specifications of Bumbleride Baby Stroller

Let us see at the specifications of the bumbleride flite lightweight stroller and see how good this stroller can be for you and your baby.

  • This stroller is usable for infants and up.
  • It has got a great baby seat, infant headrest, shoulder pads, infant seat adapter and all the other necessary items that are attached with the baby seat.
  • Majority of the strollers have the wheels suspension system but this system is confined only to the rear wheels or front wheels. In bumbleride flite lightweight stroller the suspension system is present on all wheels i.e. rear and front.
  • No other stroller has the carrying handle but this stroller. Carrying handle is essentially useful after folding. Just place a firm grip on the carrying handle after folding and off you go.
  • The backrest is multi positioned and so is the footrest. This is a great feature not only for the infants but also for the grown ups.
  • The sun canopies another highly talked about feature of this stroller. The sun canopy has SPF 45UV fine lining that makes this stroller a great item for the people who live in hot areas.
  • This is a lightweight stroller as the name says it. Made from anodized aluminum alloy, this stroller is arguably the lightest strollers in the market.

Reviews on Bumbleride Flite Lightweight Stroller

Now let us have a look at the reviews section. People highly appreciated this stroller especially if you are looking for comfort Bumbleride flite lightweight stroller is probably the one you should be looking for. Because of its back zippers it provides an efficient air flow.

With an addition of storage compartment you should have no trouble in carrying essentials with you. The eye catching colors will attract you and there is a balance between style and design. Bumbleride flite lightweight stroller is well made due to its compact design and there is no difficulty in carrying it. Bumbleride flite lightweight stroller is easy to walk with and your baby will feel comfort. Last but not least this stroller is also affordable, durable and easy to operate.

After much use this stroller remains the same and you will not be disappointed after buying. This stroller just weighs 25lbs so there should be no trouble lifting or avoiding any bumps. Any gadget is not perfect so there are some drawbacks however minute. It runs smooth but when compared to others it is a bit left behind but not much. There may be some weak spots but Bumbleride flite lightweight stroller is worth giving a try.

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