Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Jogger

You must not be new to the company name “Schwinn”. They keep on producing great strollers every now and then. One of their trademark products is the Schwinn arrow fixed wheel jogger which is a basically a commando style double jogging stroller.

You do not get to see many strollers with the amazing rims. Well, this is the stroller you want to buy if you want the rims on your big tires of the double jogging stroller.

Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Jogger

Let us gaze at some of the awesome features of Schwinn arrow fixed wheel jogger.

Features of Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Jogger

  • This is double jogging stroller and most of the double jogging strollers are heavy. They are built for the strong purposes like running, jogging and hiking. But this is a very light stroller made form a quite delicate alloy of aluminum.
  • The tires of this stroller are real big almost 16inches in size. These tires are pneumatic and the tires have got rims too to provide the optimum performance. The rims can be removed or changed if you want.
  • The folding mechanism is dual trigger folding. It saves time and keeps you on track.
  • For the safety purposes it has got the 5points restraint system but apart from that it has also got the brakes in the rear wheels. For additional power hand brakes are also installed in the Schwinn arrow fixed wheels jogger.
  • There is a parent tray placed at the front of the stroller that provides a lot of convenience for the babies as well as for the parents. On that tray there are two big cup holders as well.
  • For jogging you need a perfect grip at your handle and the Schwinn arrow fixed wheel jogger provides that by giving a rubberized adjustable handle. Now no matter what the speed of your stroller is this grip will ensure a complete safety.
  • There are wheels suspensions present on all the wheels for a smooth ride
  • For entertainment purposes of your babies during jogging there is a built in mp3 as well.

Let us gaze at the reviews on this double jogging stroller

Reviews on Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheels Jogger

This is a great jogging stroller for the parents of two children and who hail in the areas outside some metropolitan city. Schwinn arrow fixed wheel jogger is one good stroller that will make your strolling work much easier. It has got a quick and easy folding. The pneumatic tires absorb bumps and shocks which provide a smooth ride for your children.

The seats fully recline and the addition of mp3 is an extra bonus. It will keep your children entertained all the time while you are jogging.

Schwinn arrow fixed wheel double jogging stroller is a great piece by Schwinn. Take a leap of faith and buy it. This is a bumper offer for the dwellers of the suburban areas. This stroller will prove to be as useful as a car for the residents of the city. Your children will have the ride of their life in Schwinn arrow fixed wheel jogger.

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