Baby Jogger 2010 Mini Single Stroller

The biggest hurdle parent faces while buying the stroller is the folding technology of the strollers. Not every stroller is fold-able as the companies claim and even if it is fold-able it gets folded after applying a lot of force on it.

Baby jogger 2010 mini single stroller strips off this tension of yours by giving you a much easier folding mechanism, just lift and fold. Not only this, baby jogger 2010 mini single stroller has a modest sized canopy with two peek a boo windows and can easily carry a weight of 50lbs.

Baby Jogger 2010 Mini Single Stroller

Let us look at the features of baby jogger 2010 mini single stroller which has stirred the market for quite some time now.

Features of Baby Jogger 2010 Mini Single Stroller

  • The main reason for the popularity of baby jogger 2010 mini single stroller is the easiness with which it can be folded. It is on the very few light weighed strollers in the market and you can fold/unfold it, put it in the trunk or the back of your car without any straining.
  • The canopy is movable and removable. It has got around 3-4 different positions at which it can be placed. The canopy gets very high depending on the height and position of your baby and it can be lowered down if your baby dozes off.
  • Another good feature is that the canopy has two medium sized peek a boo windows. All the other strollers in the market have just one.
  • The wheels are not very heavy that makes this stroller easy to push around. 8” wheels are installed with the steel ball bearings. The rear wheels have brakes for the safety.
  • The seat is very cozy especially after the addition of shoulder pads it has become more comfortable.
  • A large basket for the storage is present under the seat.

Let us go through some reviews to check the reliability of baby jogger baby stroller.

Reviews on Baby Jogger 2010 Mini Single Stroller

If you are a shopaholic or extremely fond of going to the mall superstores then baby jogger 2010 mini single stroller should be preferred over any other stroller. The reason is since it does not have big wheels ht not work as good as it would on the smooth surface of malls or shopping precincts. Although it would not cause any trouble if you use it on the rough areas but the best zone for its usage is flattened surfaces.

Once again the folding of this stroller was the center of attention among the people who used it and it was primarily the reason why they used it. This feature makes jogger 2010minisingle stroller aside from all the other strollers.

The cons that are worth mentioning , it has no child tray and you have to buy it separately and there are no cup holders as well. The storage is good enough but there is a metallic bar over the basket which makes it difficult to take the things out e.g large sized diapers.

Otherwise if you overlook the above mentioned cons, baby jogger single stroller has got all the good features in it and is worth a try.

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