Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain Stroller

There are hardly any strollers in the market that are designed for strolling “anywhere”. One such stroller is the jeep liberty urban terrain stroller which is a very unorthodox and stylish product of the company Jeep. It has the inflatable tires designed especially for the rough and bumpy places.

Now you need not to worry about you child if you want to go for hiking or for mountaineering because jeep liberty urban terrain stroller will be there for your assistance.

Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain Stroller

Let us quickly move onto the features section.

Features of Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain Stroller

  • And if you want to stroll in the rough places you need to have big pneumatic inflatable tires with shock absorbers that can resist the creakiness of any uneven surface. Jeep liberty urban terrain stroller is a stroller that has such tires.
  • Security features come second since it is a very sensitive issue for every parent especially when you go for hiking or stroll at any rough surface. This stroller has a five point padded harness system, front swivel wheel automatic lock system and rear wheels brake system to make sure that your baby remains secure in the stroller.
  • If by any chance the baby seat gets broken and you have a spare seat of any other strolling company then you can attach it on the jeep liberty urban terrain stroller. This is a very unique feature of this stroller because not many strollers are compatible with any other strollers’ baby seat.
  • Its folding is also pretty easy. Just one hand effort and the stroller is folded.
  • It has two trays, a parental tray and a child tray which each tray having two deep cup holders. These cup holders are so big and deep that you can even put a beverage can or bottle in there as well.
  •  large storage is present underneath the stroller while you can also attach two removable cargo bags for the extra storage.

Let us gaze at some of the reviews on this stroller.

Reviews on Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain Stroller

This is a great stroller for hiking and mountaineering with a child. It has a very smooth steering and decent tires that support any rugged surface. For the entertainment purposes there is an ibaby sound system where you can attach your ipod or mp3 besides there is also a toy steering wheel for the baby. It can also be used as a jogging stroller because of the quality of tires it possesses. There is a lot of roomy space for the baby in jeep liberty urban terrain stroller. Incalculable storage options are available in this stroller like side pockets, back compartments, and a storage basket underneath.

The only thing that is debatable about this stroller is the squeaking effect of this stroller after extremely rough use.

Jeep liberty urban terrain stroller is not just only for urban terrain but can be used as a regular jogger too. The choice is completely yours. If you wan to have everything in a less amount of money then this is the stroller you should be looking for.

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