Baby Jogger Elite Double Stroller

The word “elite” says it all about this stroller. Baby jogger elite double stroller is the new big thing in the market. This is the stroller that will meet all your need and it looks completely exclusive for a special class of people. This stroller has everything what you are looking for and it is the upgraded version of baby jogger mini double stroller.

Baby Jogger Elite Double Stroller

Let us peep at the specifications of baby jogger elite double stroller.

Features of Baby Jogger Elite Double Stroller

  • The quick folding of this stroller is very impressive and it folds much quicker than the other double stroller in the market. It does not take more than 10 seconds to fold.
  • For the swift strolling the wheels are specifically designed for any area you want to travel to. The rear wheels are 12” air filled so you need not to worry about that scrappy plastic material that gets scratched off with a simple smooth strolling on the road.
  • The air filled tires provide more grip when you are coming down of some hilly area.
  • This is the perfect stroller if you are dwelling in a city. You can easily take on walks around your neighborhood untroubled due to the shock absorbing wheels that can easily counter the uneven side walks, gravel or grass etc.
  • This stroller is light but it can carry around 100 pounds.
  • Rear and side ventilation system is something very new in the strollers and baby jogger elite double stroller is amongst those strollers which has it.
  • Individual adjustable canopies and two peek-a-boo windows are mounted in this stroller.
  • This stroller has a lot of width and because of that it provides a lot of room for the babies. The storage underneath the seats and at the backs is pretty decent and you can put any useful baby accessory in the pockets.

Reviews on Baby Jogger Elite Double Stroller

People have given five stars to baby jogger elite double stroller. And those who have used it have recommended this to everyone. This stroller has one of the easiest assembling and disassembling. For assembling, just unfold the stroller with your single hand, attach the four wheels and you are ready to rumble. For the disassembling the same method is applied counter wise.

This glides very smoothly and there are some wrist straps attached on the side of the stroller and its usefulness when you are strolling downwards from any area cannot be doubted. The storage on the handle bars is another plus point of baby jogger elite double stroller.

Some of the few drawbacks of this stroller are, the storage beneath the baby seat is hard to access and the brake system would probably not live up to your expectations. There are some plastic spindles attached on the wheels which sometimes get torn off during strolling.

This is a good stroller and it is for sure that you would think twice while buying this stroller because of the hefty price tag. But if you want your money well spent then baby jogger elite double stroller should be at the top of your list.

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