BOB Revolution Dualie Stroller

If you live in a hilly, rural area and you have multiple children then BOB revolution dualie stroller should be opted instead of other strollers. This stroller is sturdy and well built. It is three wheeled stroller containing the wide rear wheels and swivel front wheel that can be locked. It has a huge sunshade and cushioned seat that will make your baby’s back rest in comfort.

BOB Revolution Dualie Stroller

Before going down any further let us gape at some of the specifications of BOB revolution dualie stroller.

Specifications of BOB Revolution Dualie Stroller

  • The front wheel is pivot type which provides extra maneuverability in the rough terrain.
  • The rear wheels are large and shock absorbing.
  • For security the front wheels can be locked and so do the rear wheels.
  • Suspension system is present that can be adjusted according to the needs.
  • Five point padded harness system and two shock absorbers in the rear wheels are installed in the BOB revolution dualie stroller.
  • For extra security you can take on the rear wheel brake system with your foot.
  • The compactness of the double strollers is always doubted. And that is due to the heaviness of the double strollers. Normally double strollers weigh more than what they can usually carry but BOB revolution dualie stroller is extremely light because it is made up of strong aluminum alloy.
  • The fabric of the seat of the BOB revolution dualie stroller is firm and it does not wear off easily. Another great advantage is that it can be easily washed, stain resistant and it can be bought in any color as it comes in multiple colors.
  • The storage options in this stroller are innumerable. You can store your baby stuff in the large compartment beneath the baby seats or you can even put the stuff in the meshed pockets at the sides of the baby seat.

Reviews on BOB Revolution Dualie Stroller

BOB revolution dualie stroller is amazing especially when you are a resident of a hilly area then you should not buy any other stroller. This stroller lives up to the hype and publicity done by the company BOB. The seats of this stroller are better than what BOB has been producing for years. They are far more cushioned and the reclining facility is great. There is even a padded headrest for the extra coziness for your child.

The canopies are big, adjustable and can be extended to whatever length you want to. They are ratcheting and seem to go down further. The ride is so smooth as if you are sailing in the water. The storage basket has been redesigned and as compared to the storage in previous strollers, BOB revolution dualie stroller has a decent basket.

There are not any negative features of this stroller that needs to be mentioned except that it is a three part fold and it does not fold in a single step but two.

Overall BOB revolution is a great stroller and if you have ample of money in your bank account and multiple children then this is the thing you need to buy from amazon.

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