Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger

You are very familiar with the rims of the car but you must not have heard about the rims of the stroller. There are a few strollers in the market that have pneumatic tires with the molded rims. Grand safari swivel wheel jogger is one such stroller which has all the basic necessities of a stroller and it offers these necessities in a very reasonable amount.

Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger

Let us have a look at the specifications of Grand safari swivel wheel jogger.

Specifications of Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger

  • The tires of this stroller are very huge. The front ones are 12” while the rear ones are 16”.  These tires are made by keeping in mind the jogging capacity of this stroller.
  • The tires are filled with air to provide extra grip on the surface you are moving the stroller.
  • The front wheel is swivel and you can rotate your stroller with ease plus it has an automatic lock for the extra security.
  • There is a dual trigger folding mechanism installed in the stroller and all you need is a simple jerk to fold it.
  • There is a sizable parent tray and a child tray which can be molded plus two cup holders in each tray just to make sure that you and your baby get all the fun in a single package.
  • There are not many strollers in the market which have adjustable rubberized handles but grand safari swivel wheel jogger is one such stroller which has it.
  • For the entertainment purposes of your baby there is also an mp3 installed in the stroller.
  • There is a huge spacious storage basket underneath the baby seat.

Best features have been discussed. It is about time that we discuss some of the reviews on this stroller.

Reviews on Grand Safari Swivel Wheel Jogger

People who have used this stroller have highly recommended it. The foremost reason for its recommendation was the price of grand safari swivel wheel jogger. If you notice carefully it offers plenty of awesome features in a very small amount which no other stroller offers right now when the economy in so depressed. The sunshade of this stroller is another feature which has caught the attention of every one.

The sunshade can be moved anywhere and your child’s face will not be exposed. The automatic locking of front swivel wheel is great. You do not have to go all the way down to press it for locking or unlocking. It can be easily done from the button present at the side of the handle bar. For the added safety grand safari wheel jogger has the wrists straps which are a pretty rare feature in any stroller.

The only thing that might irritate you about this stroller is attachment and detachment of wheels especially the front wheel. Rest is fine.

If you are looking for a running or jogging stroller then you should not ignore grand safari swivel wheel jogger. It will save you a lot of money.

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